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  • USAR Dog Cold Weather Training with Kimberly Holley

    Kimberly Holley, wife of show regular and sponsor, Dr. Joe Holley, comes on the show to talk about her recent trip to Alaska to train her USAR dog on cold weather USAR. She talks about some of the lessons learned and how a team from temperate Tennessee fared in the cold of Alaska.

  • Tornadoes, Structural Engineering, and NHERI Research

    Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) joins us to talk about new programs and research around wind damage to structures. We talk about the recent shift in deadly tornadoes to the U.S. South from the midwest.

  • FEMA USAR Training Review with Dr. Joe Holley

    Dr. Joe Holley recounts his recent trip to a USAR FEMA training center in California. The evolutions and scenarios presented the attendees, both educators and students, with a variety of very difficult and unique situations. Joe talks candidly about how strange disaster response is when compared to so-called "typical" EMS and Fire responses in a community.

  • Disaster Medical Mission to Ukraine

    This week we interview two people involved in organizing a medical mission to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland and across the border in Ukraine itself. Our guests include Dr. Kasia Hampton and Paramedic Tim Conley. Hampton studied medical school in Belgium before moving to the U.S. for her medical training in emergency medicine and pediatric medicine.

  • 2022 Winter XGames Planning and Preparedness AAR

    We return this week to cover a topic we hit every year at this time. Ski Patroler and meteorologist Kyle Nelson joins us to talk about the behind-the-scenes event planning for the Winter XGames in Aspen, Colorado. Kyle is part of the medical response and planning team on the hill where both the athletes and spectators are watched for injuries or illness.

  • Smoke Inhalation Injuries with Dr. Joe Holley

    We add another clinical topic to our podcast episode this week. Dr. Joe Holley joins us to talk about smoke inhalation injuries. He points out that these sorts of injuries increase during the winter months as more people use combustion sources to heat their homes and apartments.

  • First Responder Family Support and Preparedness

    As responders are deployed for disasters near and far, how do their families react and manage the departure of their loved ones? We dig into the effects of disasters on the families of first responders. What does family preparedness for deployment look like and what is the family's role in helping manage the aftermath of stress on responders.

  • Altitude Illness Clinical Update

    In this episode of the Disaster Podcast we look at the clinical issue of altitude illness. To cover this we have Dr. Joe Holley and mountain rescue and ski patrol specialist, Kyle Nelson. We look at the various signs and symptoms, potential for long term effects, treatments and more.

  • Innovative Disaster Training with Paragon Medical Group

    Dr. Joe Holley from Paragon Medical Education Group is featured in today's episode. He talks about his recent trip to the NAEMSP (National Association of EMS Physicians) conference in southern California. During the conference they focused on building more understanding between prehospital and hospital medical professionals. What do people in the hospital need to know about how first responders do their jobs and manage disaster situations.

  • Fire and Snow Disasters Kick Off 2022

    Dan and Becky DePodwin drop by to share their meteorological expertise with the Disaster Podcast team. Becky talks about the recent wildfire in Colorado that devastated multiple communities and destroyed over 1,000 homes. Dan looks at the multiple winter storms that swept across the country and ended up stranding thousands of motorists on a major highway for over 24 hours.

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