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  • D911 App Connects People with Services They Need Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | MoreIn this episode we talk with Dan Francis from This is an organization that […]

  • Nuclear Radiological Injury Patient Management

    Dr. Joe Holley joins us for a clinical episode this week. We will look at the triage, management, and protection needed for patients in nuclear emergencies. Dr. Joe references training resources from FEMA and the CDC for clinicians.

  • A Look A DMAT Plus a Ukraine Training Update

    In this episode we take a look at the DMAT deployment following Hurricane Ian in Florida. Gary Christmann from IDMC comes on the show to talk about Disaster Medical Aid Team (DMAT) and how it deploys. Then he shifts gears to join the show with nurse Alicia Bean. Alicia has worked as a registered nurse in several departments throughout the Chicagoland area ranging from ICU, PACU, Cardiac Cath lab to pediatric units.

  • Dr. Joe Holley Hurricane Ian Deployment

    Dr. Joe Holley joins us on the show tonight following his recent travels helping with the Hurricane Ian response and also a quick visit to EMS World Expo. He shares his experiences with the search and rescue efforts following the storm, including all the rescue dogs who helped with the search teams.

  • Ukraine Medical Update with Dr. Kasia Hampton

    Today on the show we have EMS physician Dr. Kasia Hampton back after her medical tour in Ukraine to assist doctors and facilities there. Dr. Hampton studied medical school in Belgium before moving to the U.S. for her medical training in emergency medicine and pediatric medicine. She worked in the U.S. Army for five years as a civil service physician before moving to St. Louis in June 2021, where she worked an EMS fellow with Washington University.

  • StEER Network Gathers Storm Data After Hurricane Ian

    Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) comes back on the show to bring us the preliminary StEER data collected during and after Hurricane Ian. StEER (Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance) is a crowd-sourced network of public and private individuals who go into areas following disasters and track damage caused by the event to structures and infrastructure.

  • Hurricane Ian Pre-Landfall in Florida

    With Hurricane Ian setting up to have a major impact on the central Gulf Coast of Florida, the Disaster Podcast team got together to talk about potential impacts and preparedness efforts. We were lucky to get disaster and emergency management meteorologist, Melissa Sizemore to come on this episode to share her broad expertise in weather, disaster messaging, and public information.

  • Managing Mental Health During Disaster Response

    In this episode of the Disaster Podcast we look at managing mental health patients in the disaster situation. Emergency situations by their very nature bring on additional stress that can overwhelm a person without mental health issues. When a person with an existing behavioral condition confronts a disaster situation, they can quickly become unable to manage their illness.

  • Solar Flares and Space Weather Disasters

    In this episode, we look at the potential risks of solar flares or coronal ejections on electrical infrastructure. Our disaster meteorologists Dan and Becky DePodwin join us to talk about space weather prediction and some of the unique challenges posed by this little-known aspect of the national weather infrastructure.

  • Kentucky Flooding Response AAR with Dr. Joe Holley

    Dr. Joe Holley was deployed with Tennessee Task Force One USAR team as part of the Federal FEMA response teams helping state and local resources in search and rescue efforts in Kentucky. Now Dr. Joe comes on the show to discuss his experiences with this particular response and the aftermath for responders as they return home from the deployment.

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