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  • Innovative Disaster Training with Paragon Medical Group

    Dr. Joe Holley from Paragon Medical Education Group is featured in today's episode. He talks about his recent trip to the NAEMSP (National Association of EMS Physicians) conference in southern California. During the conference they focused on building more understanding between prehospital and hospital medical professionals. What do people in the hospital need to know about how first responders do their jobs and manage disaster situations.

  • Fire and Snow Disasters Kick Off 2022

    Dan and Becky DePodwin drop by to share their meteorological expertise with the Disaster Podcast team. Becky talks about the recent wildfire in Colorado that devastated multiple communities and destroyed over 1,000 homes. Dan looks at the multiple winter storms that swept across the country and ended up stranding thousands of motorists on a major highway for over 24 hours.

  • Disaster Podcast Looks Back at 2021

    Dr. Joe Holley and meteorologist Kyle Nelson join our regular co-hosts, Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis on today end-of-the-year episode. We take some time to look back at our favorite episodes and guests from the previous year. We also look forward to 2022 and what we want to cover more in the new year.

  • Severe Weather, December Storm, and Tornado Aftermath

    Recent storms and tornadoes struck five states with loss of life and severe structural and infrastructure damage. Our Disaster Podcast team discussed it in our weather predictions for the coming week in the episode previous to this one.

  • NHERI and How Groundbreaking Research Protects Us

    Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) comes on the show with a fascinating update of what these eleven institutions are up to with disaster infrastructure studies. We also had Dan DePodwin and Becky DePodwin join us to chat about weather impacts in the coming week here in the U.S. including winter storms and severe weather warnings.

  • Disaster Family Liaison Officer Training with Moose Mutlow

    Wilderness Search and Rescue educator, Moose Mutlow, joins the Disaster Podcast team for this week's episode. Just the beginning of his bio at says: Moose has over 30 years of traditional and alternative education experience around the globe.

  • 2021 TrekMedics International Update

    Jason Friesen, MPH, EMT-P from joins disaster podcast co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis on today's episode. Jason stops by to share an update of his organization's innovative mobile phone software and how it continues to help people around the world provide emergency services to their communities without 1st world infrastructure.

  • First Responders and Holiday Work Stress

    Today on the Disaster Podcast, we invited Dan McGuire from CISM Perspectives to come by the show and talk about Stress and the Holiday Season for First Responders. He talks about the importance of understanding the increased expectations most people have surrounding the holidays and how living up to those expectations and traditions can be difficult.

  • Disaster Winter Weather Preparedness

    The topic for today's show is winter weather preparedness. We talk with our meteorologists about how the weather is turning colder and still shows active severe weather patterns across the U.S. We discuss how weather even affects health and wellness in unusual ways with Dr. Joe Holley.

  • Managing Active Shooter Patients

    In this episode, the Disaster Podcast team gets together to discuss the triaging and management of patients in an active shooter situation. Part of the discussion turns to the recent attack with a bow and arrow in Norway that killed five people.

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