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  • Flooding, Flooding Everywhere on the Disaster Podcast

    Static weather fronts are dumping double-digit inches of rain on parts of the South-Western and Mid-Western United States. Kentucky in particular has been severely affected with a major state disaster declaration in place and Federal FEMA response teams on the way to bolster state and local resources in search and rescue efforts as the rain continues to fall.

  • Messaging on Extreme Heat in Northern Europe

    Dan Chapman joins us from the U.K. on this episode. He's an emergency management planner over there and comes on the show to discuss how they're handling the messaging around the recent heat emergency they dealt with.

  • Summer Weather Challenges

    This week on the show, we talk about recent weather impacts across the U.S. and the unique preparedness challenges they present. From record heat waves impacting already historic drought conditions in the Western U.S. to record floods and rainfall in parts of the Eastern U.S., all people are facing some sort of weather related challenge. Even parts of Europe are facing record setting heat waves.

  • Gun Violence Aftermath

    We tackle a difficult topic on the Disaster Podcast this week. We look at the challenges associated with gun violence and mass shooter event prevention. Guest Gary Christmann comes on to talk about the issues around stress for first responders after such events.

  • Summer Disaster Preparedness

    In today's episode we bring the Disaster Podcast regulars together to talk about preparing for summer disasters and heat related injury and illnesses associated with this time of year.

  • Storm Chasing with Gary Christmann

    Gary Christmann has over 28 years of paid and volunteer experience in several areas within emergency services. He worked for the St Louis Emergency Management Agency for 18 years within the Department of Public Safety. Mr Christmann was the Deputy Commander of the Missouri Disaster Response System (MoDRS). Currently he is the Lead Deputy Commander of the State MO-1 DMAT/DMORT and a board member for the Interstate Disaster Medical Cooperative (IDMC). So, what does a guy like this do for fun? He’s s storm chaser!

  • Trek Medics and Beacon Dispatch Software Innovations

    This week on the show we bring you Jason Friesen from Trek Medics International is a 501c3-registered nonprofit organization dedicated to improving emergency medical systems in communities without reliable access to emergency care. They make their services available to all communities, regardless of race, religion or creed.

  • Recognizing Human Trafficking in Disaster Situations

    Adam Midden is a financial crimes expert working to stop human trafficking. He comes on the show to talk about trafficking around disaster situations and what human trafficking victims might look like when encountered by first responders.

  • Author John Enright on Humanitarian Aid Missions in Wartime

    In this episode of the Disaster Podcast, we invited author John Enright to join us. John has been involved in humanitarian relief missions since soon after the fall of the Soviet Union. He's been engaged in all levels of the process from procurement, to implementation, to on-site delivery. He's even driven some of the trucks himself.

  • Disaster Blast Injury Clinical Review

    In this episode of the Disaster Podcast, we asked Dr. Joe Holley to come on the show and give us a review of managing and treating blast injuries. Whether it's from a wartime situation, terrorist act, or residential gas explosion, there are some things every medical professional should keep in mind about the nature of injuries from explosions.

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