NHERI and Its Impact On Geohazard Mitigation with Dan Zehner

NHERI LogoThis week features a rare follow-up episode where we looked back at last week’s episode on Geohazard Mitigation with Colby Barrett from GeoStabilization International. This week we brought back Dan Zehner from The Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI).

Dan talks about some of the ways NHERI centers research aspects of geohazards and natural disasters that cause them. We talk about public-private partnerships that impact response to disasters and change zoning and building codes in areas likely to be impacted by geohazards.

NHERI has some great media partnerships and events coming up:

NHERI on PBS with Home Diagnosis TV season 3

The NHERI Summit coming up at the University of Maryland in May 2024

In addition to our guest this week, we had co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis.

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