Flooding, Flooding Everywhere on the Disaster Podcast

Hurricane-florence-flood-USARStatic weather fronts are dumping double-digit inches of rain on parts of the South-Western and Mid-Western United States. Kentucky in particular has been severely affected with a major state disaster declaration in place and Federal FEMA response teams on the way to bolster state and local resources in search and rescue efforts as the rain continues to fall.

Kevin Reiter, of TheBrokenNomad.com, a former dive medic and water rescue expert, comes on the show to share his experience with the listeners. Dr. Joe Holley, himself just activated to deploy to Kentucky, is also on the show. He talks about how the Federal rescue resources integrate with the state and local rescuers. He also talks about the types of specific rescue resources he’ll be deployed with.

Join co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis on this episode of the Disaster Podcast.

Paragon Brings “The Experience”

Paragon Medical Education Group specializes in bringing what they call “The Experience” to jurisdictions around the country. They bring together police, fire, EMS, and hospital teams to train together and learn what to expect from each diverse group in the response team so that each knows what to expect from the other and how to back the other groups up. Visit Paragon’s site at ParagonMedicalGroup.com for more information on how this can be brought into your system.

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