• EMS Eagles Conference Revisit with Dr. Joe Holley

    In this episode Dr. Joe returns from several weeks of travel for education and conferences around disaster and emergency medical care. We also discussed the increased activity in the tropics with the first tropical storm of the year on the Atlantic side and two more systems under scrutiny for possible development. There's also a look at the extreme heat affecting much of the nation and the severe fire hazards in the New Mexico region.

  • Hurricane preparedness with Becky DePodwin

    Disaster Emergency Management expert Becky DePodwin goes through the necessary steps for a family prepping for hurricane season. The U.S. National Weather Service has a collection of preparedness pages for hurricanes including before, during, and after the weather event hits. Below are a few great resources to use when creating your family plan.

  • Disaster Alerts During Severe Weather Events

    In this week's episode, we touch on several tornado outbreaks in sections of the U.S. The alerts included a Tornado Warning in co-host Jamie Davis' home location. Emergency Disaster Management expert Becky DePodwin shares with us how the FEMA wireless emergency alert system is activated and who is in charge of it.

  • Severe Weather Impacts in U.S. and Around the World

    When weather attacks or seems to do so, it can be difficult to gather response in a timely fashion. In this episode of the Disaster Podcast, we chat with meteorologist Dan DePodwin and disaster emergency management expert Becky DePodwin about recent severe weather impacts that caused more than two dozen deaths in the U.S.

  • Mass Casualty Drill at Dulles International Airport

    In April, Metropolitan Washington Airports Authority conducted a mandatory mass casualty disaster drill. The location was Dulles International Airport in Virginia just outside of Washington, D.C. These exercises are supposed to be held every three years.

  • Updating and Improving Training Processes for Disaster Preparedness

    we bring in Kyle Nelson to talk about responder education and our needs to continue to increase and bolster our skill sets through training opportunities. Local and state responders are increasingly called on to be proficient in communications and collaboration with other teams including Federal or even international teams who respond to local needs.

  • Pediatric Patient Care During WMD Situations

    Dr. Matthew Smith joins the show tonight to talk about WMD response and the management of pediatric patients exposed to chemical, biological, or radiological agents. Matt is a former US Navy Medical Corps Lieutenant Commander, and served with the Chemical Biological Incident Response Force, where he qualified as a weapons of mass destruction medical specialist.

  • A Look Behind the Long Range Hurricane Season Forecasts

    we jump into an in depth look at what goes into a long range hurricane forecast. With such a distant outlook, how do forecasters make their decisions about the whole season this far ahead of time. Our meteorologist, Dan DePodwin, joins us to share his expertise about distant forecasting.

  • Hurricane Forecast and Bridge Collapse

    On the Disaster Podcast this week, co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis are joined by disaster emergency management expert Becky DePodwin to look at the upcoming Hurricane Season Forecast. Accuweather released their predictions for the 2024 hurricane season, set to officially begin on June first.

  • Tornados, Training, and Incident Command Structure

    We welcome meteorologist and disaster incident command system expert Kyle Nelson on the show. He checks in from Florida where he's traveling to a training event to help him in his roles with his county incident command system, especially when they deploy to other states during distant events.

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