Month: February 2019

  • Disaster Logistics Imaging

    Disaster Logistics Board with Founder Brian Sims, Part 1

    Disaster logistics expert Brian Sims, founder of the Disaster Logistics Board joins the Disaster Podcast team for a special two-part episode. Brian talks about unique ways the Disaster Logistics Board utilizes advanced imaging technology to map and document disaster zones for responders and emergency managers.

  • Federal, State, and Local Disaster Management and Integration

    With special guest and Hinsdale County, Colorado emergency manager Troy Mead on the show this week, the gang talks about Federal, State, County, and local resource integration and assistance for disasters. Troy shares his extensive experience in both metropolitan and rural areas and discusses the different ways systems adjust and prepare for the disasters they're likely to face. Also on the show is Becky DePodwin, our disaster weather expert.

  • polar vortex

    The Polar Vortex and Lasting Cold Weather Emergencies

    We look at the effects of the Polar Vortex in this episode of the Disaster Podcast. The recent spate of extreme cold weather to strike the midwest and northeast of the country had far-reaching effects across the country. Numerous deaths and injuries were reported during the multi-day weather event. Kyle Nelson and Becky DePodwin, our two disaster weather experts lead the discussion on extreme cold and how the weather affects many aspects of emergency response and community resilience.

  • Avalanche Rescue

    2019 XGames Medical Overview and Avalanche Rescue Response

    It's the winter sports season in the northern hemisphere. That means rescuers must train and prepare for specific threats to the community including avalanche. Ski patrol member Kyle Nelson (our disaster weather expert) joins us this week to talk about his experience recently helping to coordinate medical response at the 2019 XGames in Aspen, Colorado. We then transition into talking about avalanches. Kyle helps us explore the causes of avalanches, risks involved in rescue and back-country snow sports, and talks a little about avalanche rescue and safety technology now available.

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