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  • Early NHERI Response to Turkey and Syria Earthquake

    Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) joins us to talk about the initial structural engineering look at the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. As soon as the earthquake struck and the extent of the structural failures became evident, members of NHERI and their international colleagues started examining all available data to understand why the buildings failed.

  • Technology Assisted Medical Disaster Response

    When disasters strike, technology can help disaster teams leverage expertise at a distance to manage survivors and patients. On today's podcast we have Dr. Erika Havelka, with IDMC and Dr. Jarone Lee with Health Tech Without Borders.

  • Building a Disaster Team with Greg Scott

    Our guest this week is Greg Scott. He's a paramedic and registered nurse with a background in emergency management and preparedness. Greg’s expertise is in building teams of volunteers for disaster response. First teams must decide what type of teams, roles, and disasters for which to prepare.

  • Avalanche Risks and Rescue on the Disaster Podcast

    With steady streams of snowfall coming into the rocky mountains, that also means more risk for avalanche in the back country recreation areas for skiers and other participants of winter sports activities. We have meteorologist and ski patrol member Kyle Nelson on the show today to talk about the weather patterns across the country. He also shares his expertise with avalanche management and rescue with the podcast listeners.

  • From Responder to Patient with Codi Foxworthy

    When Codi Foxworthy became an EMT and Firefighter, she never thought she would someday rely on rescuers to save her life. This week on the Disaster Podcast we talk with Codi about her accident and the spine injury that took her from first responder to patient in an instant.

  • Holiday 2023 Storm Hits United States

    We were able to gather our team meteorologists back for this special pre-holiday epsiode of the Disaster Podcast. Meteorologists Kyle Nelson, Dan DePodwin, and Becky DePodwin rejoin the show to talk about the epic storm hitting parts of the country this week. It'll bring deep, biting cold to many parts of the country, including the southern states along the gulf coast.

  • Collecting Thermal Undergarments for Ukrainian Doctors and Nurses

    We chatted with Dr. Riley Jones from Med Global ( who has been assisting with getting needed medical supplies and assistance to Doctors and Nurses in Ukrainian hospitals. He recently identified a great need for warm undergarments for health professionals as hospitals there are losing power and the ability to generate heat during patient care.

  • D911 App Connects People with Services They Need Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | MoreIn this episode we talk with Dan Francis from This is an organization that […]

  • Nuclear Radiological Injury Patient Management

    Dr. Joe Holley joins us for a clinical episode this week. We will look at the triage, management, and protection needed for patients in nuclear emergencies. Dr. Joe references training resources from FEMA and the CDC for clinicians.

  • A Look A DMAT Plus a Ukraine Training Update

    In this episode we take a look at the DMAT deployment following Hurricane Ian in Florida. Gary Christmann from IDMC comes on the show to talk about Disaster Medical Aid Team (DMAT) and how it deploys. Then he shifts gears to join the show with nurse Alicia Bean. Alicia has worked as a registered nurse in several departments throughout the Chicagoland area ranging from ICU, PACU, Cardiac Cath lab to pediatric units.

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