Month: June 2023

  • New Clinical Research on Heads-up CPR in Cardiac Arrest

    In this episode of the Disaster Podcast, we talk about advances in heads-up CPR. Dr. Joe Holley joins us for a clinical episode this week and we engage in a discussion about the latest in research around cardiac arrest management.

  • Severe Weather Health Risks and Response

    Kyle Nelson joined the team again this week to talk about weather hazards and health risks associated with them. The U.S. has been struck by a wave of severe weather over the last few weeks including severe storms, tornadoes, and extreme heat waves. Kyle breaks down the weather patterns at play.

  • Managing Disaster In Ukrainian War Zone

    In this episode, we invited Dan Zehner from NHERI back on the show to talk about the recent Dam breach in Ukraine. The resulting flooding has necessitated widespread rescue attempts, many of which took place in an active war zone. We talk about the integrity of Dams, the long term impacts of such an infrastructure failure, and environmental hazards that might be encountered.

  • A Decade of FEMA Deployments with Dr. Joe Holley

    Dr. Joe Holley has been deploying with FEMA as a member of a Federal USAR team from Tennessee for a long time. He recently counted up forty-three (43) USAR and other deployments to disasters in the United States and abroad. For the last ten years of that time, he's been part of the Disaster Podcast team reporting to the listeners from the field about his experiences.

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