Dr. Genie Burnett on Mental Health Resilience for First Responders

This episode Dr. Genie Burnett joins us to discuss mental health for first responders dealing with trauma. Genie has had the dream that one day, everyone would have access to resources that would help improve your mental health. This program has been in development since 2018. Because of her RIM technology partners, it has become a reality.

Whether it’s simple or complex trauma, PTSD is insidious. Caretakers just keep pressing forward because they believe they can’t afford to be broken because they have to take care of others. This belief often compounds many small traumatic events until a breaking point is reached.

She founded the ResilienceInMind.org website for first responders. Genie talks about the why of our brain’s response to our stress acts a certain way. This includes dissociation disorders where our minds check out to protect us from trauma. The website is linked above and contains numerous resources for everyone to access whenever they need. You can send your donations of any size as well to keep the resource going.

Donate to ResilienceInMind.org here.

On the show this week are also co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis.

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