Geohazard Mitigation with Colby Barrett

Landslide on a national road in SicilyColby Barrett is our guest this week on the Disaster Podcast. He is the son of the one of the founders of GeoStabilization International and currently is the vice chair of the Board of Directors for the company. He’s a Marine Corps veteran, lawyer, engineer, and describes himself as a philanthro-capitalist.

The company focuses on bringing new technologies to the critical infrastructure and geohazard repair industries. They work to remediate landslides with technology they’ve developed to mitigate future land and rockslides. They are the leading geohazard mitigation company in North America.

One technology they developed is called the Soil Nail Launcher. It fires a twenty-foot-long “nail” into hillsides to stabilize areas of potential rock and landslides.

In addition to our guest this week, we all were joined by regular team members Becky DePodwin and Dan DePodwin, as well as co-hosts, Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis.

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