Month: January 2024

  • Winter Weather Terms, Updates, and Can Openers

    This week on the Disaster Podcast it's time to discuss recent wintery weather trends. That also means it's time to stump our meteorologist, Dan DePodwin. The wintery weather terms we try out on him include freezing fog, polar vortex, graupel, hoar frost, frost flower (ice ribbons or frost beards), and rime ice.

  • Dr. Joe Holley on Topics from NAEMSP Annual Meeting 2024

    This week Dr. Joe Holley drops in after attending the NAEMSP (National Association of EMS Physicians) annual meeting in Austin, Texas. The leadership of our EMS docs discussed a multitude of important topics for the prehospital care environment. Here is one of the topics Dr. Joe shared on this week's Disaster Podcast.

  • Bullets and Bandaids Connects Artists and Veterans

    We invite Robert LeHeup on the Disaster Podcast this week to talk about his nonprofit initiative for veterans called Bullets and Bandaids. Bullets and Bandaids uses art therapy to assist veterans deal with trauma from their experiences in the military.

  • 2024 Winter Weather Outlook and Preparedness

    We kick off the 11th year of the Disaster Podcast with a look at the winter weather patterns for the coming year of 2024. Meteorologist, Dan DePodwin, joins us to share his expertise. We then shift gears a little to talk about winter weather preparedness needs.

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