Month: March 2024

  • Hurricane Forecast and Bridge Collapse

    On the Disaster Podcast this week, co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis are joined by disaster emergency management expert Becky DePodwin to look at the upcoming Hurricane Season Forecast. Accuweather released their predictions for the 2024 hurricane season, set to officially begin on June first.

  • Tornados, Training, and Incident Command Structure

    We welcome meteorologist and disaster incident command system expert Kyle Nelson on the show. He checks in from Florida where he's traveling to a training event to help him in his roles with his county incident command system, especially when they deploy to other states during distant events.

  • Fallout in EMS From Elijah McClain Homicide Trial

    Dr. Joe Holley examines some of the key take aways from the verdict against two EMS providers in the Elijah McClain homicide trial. The team goes over lessons that can be learned from this case.

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