Month: March 2018

  • Trek Medics

    Jason Friesen with a TrekMedics and Beacon Update

    Jason Friesen from joins us on the show this week. We’ve had Jason on the show before talking about his non-profit organization. To refresh your memory. Trek Medics International is a 501c 3 registered nongovernmental organization dedicated to improving emergency medical systems in communities without reliable access to emergency care through innovative mobile phone technologies.

  • line of duty shootings

    Crush Syndrome Injuries and the Opioid Connection

    We dig into crush syndrome and a tie to the opioid epidemic for emergency responders in this episode of the Disaster Podcast with a clinical topic from Dr. Joe Holley. It’s a total body system-wide process that results from compression injury to muscle tissue releases toxins into the body.

  • Amtrak Train Derailment Photo

    Washington Amtrak Train Derailment Response

    This week we talk with Chief Scott A. LaVielle, EFO, CFO, CEMSO, FM, MIFireE, from Tumwater, Washington, who was one the responding chief officers on the Washington State I-5 Amtrak Train Derailment incident. Scott talks about attending the NFA EMS Special Operations Course to develop skills and training on large-scale MCI incidents in March 2017 which prepared for him and his team for this event, though they couldn’t have predicted it ahead of time.

  • Bryan Koon on Hazard Mitigation

    Disaster Hazard Mitigation Program Value with Bryan Koon

    We talk about mitigating natural disasters in this week’s episode of the Disaster Podcast. Coming on the show is Bryan Koon. Bryan is the former Director at the Florida Division of Emergency Management and currently Vice President of Homeland Security and Emergency Management with IEM. He also serves as Chair of the Multi-Hazard Mitigation Council.

  • Major Event Planning

    National Ambulance Strike Team Program – Bonus Episode

    In this bonus episode, we talk about the Ambulance Strike Team program nationally available where extra ambulances are set up in storage around the country so they can be deployed to disasters on very short notice. AMR administers the program nationally though smaller EMS organizations participate providing EMTs and Paramedics to the program.

  • EMS Special Operations at the National Fire Academy

    This week we talk about the revamping of the EMS Special Operations course at the National Fire Academy with paramedic Jim Logan. Joining Jim are Bruce Evans, Chief of Upper Pine River Fire Protection District near Durango, Colorado, and Scott Barthelmass, the Public Information Officer (PIO) in the Eureka Fire Protection District near St. Louis Missouri.

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