Month: January 2018

  • Cadaver Donation

    Cadaver Donation and Sensationalistic News Coverage

    In this episode, we talk cadavers and training in healthcare. We bring Dr. Joe Holley on the show to talk about a series of articles from Reuters news agency about the body donation system in the U.S. Joe was disheartened by the sensationalized nature of the articles and the challenges created by the difference between the article and what Joe’s experiences in real life applied science situations.

  • puerto-rico-gustavo-flores

    Puerto Rico and Riding Out Hurricane Maria with Dr. Gustavo Flores

    Dr. Gustavo Flores stopped by our podcast booth at EMS World Expo and sat down to share some of his experiences riding out the storm for Hurricane Maria at his home in Puerto Rico back in September. He also talks about getting out and responding to medical emergency calls in and around his community in the hurricane's aftermath.

  • Hurricane Irma Palm Tree Winds

    Carribean Hurricane Irma Strike with Heather Langner

    On the show this week, we chat with medical student Heather Langner who was moving into her apartment in the Caribbean at St. Maarten island where she attended medical school at the American University of the Caribbean. While getting settled with the help of her mother, Hurricane Irma came through and struck the Virgin Islands.

  • Disaster Podcast logo

    2017 Disaster Year in Review

    In this episode of the Disaster Podcast, we looked at our core podcast team’s picks for best episodes of the previous year. We also looked at the episodes we're looking forward to going forward into 2018. On the show this week we had Sam Bradley, Dr. Joe Holley from Paragon Medical Education Group, Kyle Nelson, and Jamie Davis.

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