Month: June 2021

  • Recounting Anthrax Investigation Efforts Following 9/11

    Former FBI Supervisory Special Agent Scott Decker joins the Disaster Podcast today to talk about his role leading the investigation into Anthrax attacks following 9/11 back in 2001. Scott led the FBI's bioterrorism investigation unit and has a lot to say about his team's investigation and the subsequent identification of a suspect.

  • Psychologist Ellen Kirschman on Responder Differences With Stress

    Ellen Kirschman, a psychologist specializing in helping responders and their families deal with job stress, joins us today on the Disaster Podcast. Ellen is a member of the First Responder Support Network (

  • Police Response to 9-11 and Katrina with Joe Haggerty

    Today on the show we have retired Washington D.C. Metro police officer, Joseph B. Haggerty, Sr. Joe is the author of the novels: Shame: The Story of a Pimp and An Ocean in the Desert Contributor to the PSWA anthology: Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides Award winning poet, writer and lecturer on the sexual exploitation of women and children in prostitution and pornography.

  • Night Police Authors Share Their Careers in Law Enforcement

    Retired police officers and authors Chris Berg and Paul James Smith join the Disaster Podcast Team on this week's show. They share their experiences as police officers and how they responded to incidents and interacted with other first responders. Their books, The Night Police and The Bleeding are available at

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