Month: March 2019

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    Safety and Situational Awareness Practices Down Under

    Another look at "Safety Third" following a Disaster Podcast Facebook group discussion on the subject. In this case, we check in with podcast community member Lee Caulfield-Marsh, A paramedic based in Queensland Australia. He posed several questions to our docs on the Facebook group and prompted us to put together this episode.

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    Storm Resilient Structures with Dan Zehner of NHERI

    After the tornados were so devastating to structures in Alabama in early March, the hosts of the Disaster Podcast decided to reach out to Dan Zehner at the Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure (NHERI). Dan is the host of the DesignSafe Radio podcast. Dan shares some of the resources and techniques to examine and test structural components in the face of extreme weather events. Various facilities associated with NHERI around the U.S. take part in the structural testing used to improve building practices and codes to create resilient communities.

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    Tornado Aftermath and Assessment with Kyle Nelson

    Tornados ripped through parts of the southeastern United States last week. We decided to dedicate an episode with our disaster weather expert, Kyle Nelson to talk about the extreme weather event. Kyle discusses the classification of tornados, how the National Weather Service comes in after an event like this and evaluates damage to assign an Enhanced Fujita Scale rating to the individual twisters.

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    Disaster Logistics Board with Founder Brian Sims, Part 2

    In part 2 of this episode with disaster logistics expert Brian Sims, founder of the Disaster Logistics Board. He joins the Disaster Podcast team for a special two-part episode and talks about unique ways the Disaster Logistics Board utilizes advanced imaging technology to map and document disaster zones for responders and emergency managers.

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