Month: October 2021

  • Disaster Winter Weather Preparedness

    The topic for today's show is winter weather preparedness. We talk with our meteorologists about how the weather is turning colder and still shows active severe weather patterns across the U.S. We discuss how weather even affects health and wellness in unusual ways with Dr. Joe Holley.

  • Managing Active Shooter Patients

    In this episode, the Disaster Podcast team gets together to discuss the triaging and management of patients in an active shooter situation. Part of the discussion turns to the recent attack with a bow and arrow in Norway that killed five people.

  • Managing Disasters: A Look at Hurricane Ida in Louisiana

    Today on the show, we have Chris Hector, Administrative Director for Louisiana Response Network, and Tim Conley, Mission Leader for Response Systems, Inc. They come on the show to discuss how local, state, and federal response teams managed keeping emergency services like ambulances and hospital ERs open.

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