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6 Replies to “Contact Us!”

  1. Danny R. Smith

    Hi Sam, I replied to the PSWA thread but wanted to send an email directly to be sure you have it. I am interested in appearing on your podcast if you are interested in having me on.

    I’m a retired homicide detective from the L.A. County Sheriff’s Department and the author of the Dickie Floyd Detective series (six so far in the series), the Rich Farris Detective series (one published so far), and I am working on a true-crime book as well. I write a true crime (etc.) blog called The Murder Memo (, and I cohost Unsolved Murders, a podcast on the Dr. Carlos Crime Network.

    Thank you! I look forward to hearing from you.


  2. Max Kurry

    Hi, I am Max Kurry, a representative of the Global Empowerment Mission. We would like our founder Michael Capponi to be featured on the podcast. Our organization specializes in disaster relief and we believe Michael would be able to give you some interesting stories from the disaster relief field. Please let us now if this is something that might interest you. Thank you
    -Max Kurry

  3. Daisy Campos

    Hi, I represent the Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion committee for the Emergency Management Association of Texas (EMAT). We are interested in having a member of your team speak at our 2023 EMAT Leadership Symposium coming in February.

    Many different agencies around Texas are looking at podcasts as a new, informative way to promote personal and community preparedness. I am hoping there is an opportunity to learn from your team and to share your platform as resource to facilitate new conversations.

    Please let me know if there is any interest in attending and I appreciate your willingness to participate in our symposium.

    -Daisy Campos

  4. Ashley Foster

    Touching base on behalf of Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF)— a U.S.-based, public non-profit administering employer-sponsored disaster and hardship relief funds worldwide — for a potential Disaster Podcast alignment..

    Many people picture the distribution of material objects and physical boots-on-the-ground assistance when they think of disaster response. But for the extended team at EAF, disaster response means something altogether different. After a disaster, all families have many common needs, such as shelter or food, and many have unique needs, such as medicine or baby supplies. As such, EAF — on behalf of the companies they represent — are financial first responders who provide grants to impacted individuals and families around the world through the administration of disaster and hardship relief funds. With the money provided, grant recipients are able to buy what they need. In compliance with regulations, EAF is committed to getting financial assistance to those in need through quick, efficient grant processing — no matter the obstacle or location. EAF awarded more than $45 million in financial assistance to nearly 49,000 individuals worldwide in 2022, and over the last three years has awarded nearly 300,000 grants totaling over $207 million to those affected by large-scale disasters or other unexpected personal, qualifying hardships,including worldwide disasters.

    I’d like to align you with EAF President Douglas Stockham at your earliest convenience to discuss how his company is making a difference in lives across the world in times of disaster. Happy to align you at your earliest convenience.

  5. Cooper

    Would you be interested in interviewing a geohazard mitigation expert who could speak to monitoring and responding to natural disasters?

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