Month: February 2023

  • The Natural Disasters Expo with Director Luke Tripconey

    What the disaster response community needs is a place to gather and share best practices, look at new technologies and techniques, and network with other responders and emergency managers. Enter the Natural Disasters Expo (

  • Early NHERI Response to Turkey and Syria Earthquake

    Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) joins us to talk about the initial structural engineering look at the recent earthquakes in Turkey and Syria. As soon as the earthquake struck and the extent of the structural failures became evident, members of NHERI and their international colleagues started examining all available data to understand why the buildings failed.

  • Technology Assisted Medical Disaster Response

    When disasters strike, technology can help disaster teams leverage expertise at a distance to manage survivors and patients. On today's podcast we have Dr. Erika Havelka, with IDMC and Dr. Jarone Lee with Health Tech Without Borders.

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