Month: April 2023

  • Travel Safety and Preparedness with The Broken Nomad Kevin Reiter

    Kevin Reiter, also known as the Broken Nomad (, rejoins us this week to talk about his journey as a digital nomad on the road. We discuss his new van set up for traveling and working. We also chat about his preparedness planning, weather awareness, and general safety during his travels.

  • Severe Weather Patterns and Public Risk Awareness

    We invited our favorite meteorologist couple back to the show to talk about severe weather and the emergency management of disasters associated with it. Becky and Dan DePodwin join us and talk about the recent spate of tornadoes and severe storms that tracked across the mid and deep south, extending into the mid-Atlantic region, too.

  • Earthquake and Tsunami Clinical Topics with Dr. Joe Holley

    This episode starts off with a Covid clinical update and a look at the fading of emergency measures across the country. As resources and free services are rolled back, some of the most at-risk individuals for ongoing COVID exposure no longer have access to many of the resources that helped them avoid and manage the disease before.

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