Month: April 2021

  • Hurricane Season Predictions on the Disaster Podcast

    We take a look at the upcoming predictions for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season this week on the Disaster Podcast. Our meteorologists come on the show to discuss recent severe weather events and then touch on predictions and the methods used to make these long-range forecasts.

  • Prolonged Advanced Medical Care in Disaster and Military Settings

    This week on the show we look at how new medical technologies might reach into the field including during disaster deployments. Critical care paramedics L.J. Relle and Cecil Fairchild come on the show to talk about how medical devices usually only seen in the hospital setting are moving into the street on EMS units to improve patient diagnostics and care.

  • Extreme Weather, Tornadoes, and USAR Team Response

    On this episode we discuss the recent extreme weather and tornado activity occurring across the US South and Southeast. Meteorologists Becky and Dan DePodwin join us to talk about the weather causes leading to these powerful tornadoes and what we can expect in the coming months as the extreme weather continues.

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