Cadaver Donation and Sensationalistic News Coverage

Cadaver DonationIn this episode, we talk cadavers and training in healthcare. We bring Dr. Joe Holley on the show to talk about a series of articles from Reuters news agency about the body donation system in the U.S. Joe was disheartened by the sensationalized nature of the articles and the challenges created by the difference between the article and what Joe’s experiences in real life applied science situations.

Suggestions for Responsible Cadaver Donation:

  • 1) First thank the person for considering it
  • 2) Look for a reputable entity – a university,
  • 3) Ask for references – from loved ones of past donations and from professionals who utilize donations.
  • 4) While there are bad actors out there, the vast majority are professional and treat your donation appropriately.

Before we touch on the cadaver stories, co-hosts Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley talk briefly about reports of tsunami alerts along the U.S. west coast following a significant undersea earthquake off the coast of Kodiak, Alaska. Though the alerts were later canceled as the predicted effects never materialized, it was still a good example of how the tsunami alert system works along that coastline. Sam referred to the Alaskan earthquake in 1964.

Disaster Never Sleeps, Neither Do We

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