Extreme Weather, Tornadoes, and USAR Team Response

tornado damageOn this episode we discuss the recent extreme weather and tornado activity occurring across the US South and Southeast. Meteorologists Becky and Dan DePodwin join us to talk about the weather causes leading to these powerful tornadoes and what we can expect in the coming months as the extreme weather continues.

Dr. Joe Holley shares his perspective on how USAR teams respond to severe weather events like these. He talks about equipment and team needs as well as dealing with transportation and preparedness for the group.

Also on the show were co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis.

Paragon Brings “The Experience”

Paragon Medical Education Group specializes in bringing what they call “The Experience” to jurisdictions around the country. They bring together police, fire, EMS, and hospital teams to train together and learn what to expect from each diverse group in the response team so that each knows what to expect from the other and how to back the other groups up. Visit Paragon’s site at ParagonMedicalGroup.com for more information on how this can be brought into your system.

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