Oso, Washington Mudslide Response Interview – Part 1

Shaughn Maxwell, firefighter/paramedic/educator
Shaughn Maxwell, firefighter/paramedic/educator

Shaughn Maxwell is a nationally recognized firefighter/paramedic/educator with Snohomish County Fire District One in Washington State. On Saturday morning March 22, 2014, he started his day like many others. That all changed as the calls started coming in for a major mudslide that engulfed an entire neighborhood.

Disaster Podcast hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, and Sam Bradley were joined by frequent guest Dr. Joe Holley from Tennessee Task Force One USAR team as they interviewed Shaughn about his area’s response to the disaster that struck their community. Shaughn talks about the ways local, county, state and federal resources worked together to solve seemingly insurmountable challenges facing rescuers.

Make sure you catch next week’s episode with part 2 of this riveting interview with Shaughn.

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Disaster Podcast
Disaster Podcast
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4 Replies to “Oso, Washington Mudslide Response Interview – Part 1”

  1. Jeff Leuschen

    Great information and a valuable insight through the perspective of a first-hand accout of a challenging, dynamic event involving many agencies and resources. You’ve discovered a gem: Shaughn was great and I look forward to hearing him on future episodes!

    Jeff Leuschen
    West Pierce Fire & Rescue
    Lakewood, WA

    • jamie

      Jeff, thanks so much for checking out these episodes and taking the time to leave a comment here. We really liked having Shaughn on the show to talk about his first-hand experiences during that devastating disaster. Please keep listening to the Disaster Podcast and keep in touch with some more comments. We look forward to hearing from you again!

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