• Police Response to 9-11 and Katrina with Joe Haggerty

    Today on the show we have retired Washington D.C. Metro police officer, Joseph B. Haggerty, Sr. Joe is the author of the novels: Shame: The Story of a Pimp and An Ocean in the Desert Contributor to the PSWA anthology: Felons, Flames and Ambulance Rides Award winning poet, writer and lecturer on the sexual exploitation of women and children in prostitution and pornography.

  • Night Police Authors Share Their Careers in Law Enforcement

    Retired police officers and authors Chris Berg and Paul James Smith join the Disaster Podcast Team on this week's show. They share their experiences as police officers and how they responded to incidents and interacted with other first responders. Their books, The Night Police and The Bleeding are available at NightPolice.com.

  • Tactical Combat Casualty Care in a Time of Active Shooters

    Dr. James Brasiel from Accredited EMS Fire Training comes back to the show to help discuss the recent active shooter incident in San Jose, California. He teaches Tactical Combat Casualty Care ("T Triple-C") classes to combined Police/EMS/Fire teams, the military, and other groups involved in active response to these incidents.

  • COVID Update and a Special Memorial Retrospective on Ted Setla

    http://media.blubrry.com/disaster/p/podcast-archives.s3.amazonaws.com/disaster/DisasterPodcast_20210514_Ted_Setla_Memorial_Covid_Update.mp3Podcast: Play in new window | DownloadSubscribe: Apple Podcasts | Google Podcasts | RSS | MoreIn the main segment of this episode, we talk about COVID CDC mask guidance updates […]

  • Life and Preparedness as a Digital Nomad with Kevin Reiter

    Frequent guest and friend of the Disaster Podcast, Kevin Writer, comes on the show to talk about his next adventure. He will be going on the road as a digital nomad. He'll be journaling his travels at the website - TheBrokenNomad.com.

  • Hurricane Season Predictions on the Disaster Podcast

    We take a look at the upcoming predictions for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season this week on the Disaster Podcast. Our meteorologists come on the show to discuss recent severe weather events and then touch on predictions and the methods used to make these long-range forecasts.

  • Prolonged Advanced Medical Care in Disaster and Military Settings

    This week on the show we look at how new medical technologies might reach into the field including during disaster deployments. Critical care paramedics L.J. Relle and Cecil Fairchild come on the show to talk about how medical devices usually only seen in the hospital setting are moving into the street on EMS units to improve patient diagnostics and care.

  • Extreme Weather, Tornadoes, and USAR Team Response

    On this episode we discuss the recent extreme weather and tornado activity occurring across the US South and Southeast. Meteorologists Becky and Dan DePodwin join us to talk about the weather causes leading to these powerful tornadoes and what we can expect in the coming months as the extreme weather continues.

  • Medics to Flight Surgeons, 3 Docs Share About A Unique Career Path

    In this episode, we bring on three former paramedics who all went on to be come not just physicians, but ER docs and military flight surgeons. Joining the podcast were Drs. Michael E. Wolf, M.D., M.S., Scott Kunkel, DO, NRP, FAAEM, and Dr. and active duty Captain Alan T. Flanigan.

  • Stress Injury in Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Dan Maguire from CISM Perspectives comes on this weeks Disaster Podcast to talk about the issues faced by responders and healthcare workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They face stress from line of duty deaths from the disease as well as the stress injury associated from the extreme measures taken to protect themselves while treating COVID patients.

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