• Wrapping Up 10 Years On The Disaster Podcast

    The whole team of regulars at the Disaster Podcast wrapped up year number ten with the podcast. We take a look back at a decade of episodes with our Meteorologists Kyle Nelson and Dan DePodwin, Emergency Management expert Becky DePodwin, and co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis. They all share their favorite episodes over their time with the show to cap many years with the crew.

  • Disaster Podcast 2023 Year In Review

    The podcast team got together with our picks from the last year's episodes as we wrap up the podcast's year. There was a general consensus on the best episode. The whole group chose the Mark Dickey Cave Rescue Episode as one of their favorites.

  • Crush Injury with Dr. Joe Holley Clinical Episode

    Dr. Joe Holley joins us for a clinical episode on Crush Syndrome and injury. The issue represents a broad spectrum of situations affecting the body. The disease process can be from becoming trapped in a collapsed structure or something as simple as passing out or becoming immobilized to lay on a hard surface for a significant period of time.

  • TrekMedics and Beacon Dispatch Software Update with Jason Friesen

    Jason Friesen from TrekMedics International joins us again on the Disaster Podcast. He is the founder and executive director of the non-profit organization. He recently sent out an update to those who support the organization about their Beacon software for first responders.

  • Mark Dickey Rescued from Turkish Cave After Days Underground

    Mark Dickey, an experienced caver and cave rescue expert and trainer, became a patient during a recent cave expedition in Turkey. The Morca Cave is one of the deepest in Europe, going over a thousand meters below the surface. While near the camp deep inside the cave system at approximately one thousand meters of depth, He began experiencing gastrointestinal distress symptoms that were ultimately determined to be an internal GI bleed.

  • Maui Fires Aftermath with Dan Zehner from NHERI

    In the aftermath of the Maui wildfire disaster that struck the state of Hawaii, Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) comes on the show. Dan shares with us the post-disaster lessons learned by looking at the effect of the fires on community and residential infrastructure.

  • Hurricane Idalia Inbound to the Big Bend of Florida

    Meteorologist and disaster emergency management expert, Becky DePodwin joined us for a special early episode this week. We wanted to get out with a discussion on preparations for the inbound Hurricane Idalia to hit the west coast of Florida. Becky covers the expected storm track and weather-related impacts predicted for the coming 24-48 hours in Florida as well as up into Georgia and the Carolinas.

  • Emergency Assistance Foundation on the Disaster Podcast

    Douglas Stockham from the Emergency Assistance Foundation (EAF) joined us this week on the Disaster Podcast. EAF is a U.S.-based, public non-profit administering employer-sponsored disaster and hardship relief funds worldwide.

  • Severe Mid-Atlantic Weather and Hawaii Wildfires

    A line of storms with high-winds and severe weather warnings struck sections of the mid-Atlantic states earlier this week. One of the places struck with some remarkable damage was the home town of host Jamie Davis. Straight line winds of hurricane strength toppled more than a quarter mile of wooden power line poles along a major roadway in Westminster, Maryland.

  • Clinical Presentation of Unusual Diseases in U.S. with Dr. Joe

    Dr. Joe Holley joins us on the show this week to share some clinical information with the podcast. He starts off with an update on recent Paragon Medical Group training programs around the country. Then we shift gears into some information on epidemiology issues around the country.

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