Earthquake and Tsunami Clinical Topics with Dr. Joe Holley

Haiti EarthquakeThis episode starts off with a Covid clinical update and a look at the fading of emergency measures across the country. As resources and free services are rolled back, some of the most at-risk individuals for ongoing COVID exposure no longer have access to many of the resources that helped them avoid and manage the disease before.

The discussion then turns to a look at USAR rescue from earthquakes including a description some specific rescues from the Northridge, California earthquake in 1994.

Tsunamis can follow earthquakes in a region or even from events in regions far away across the ocean. Water is very heavy and dense and can be the cause of specific and usually fatal water-related injuries. The aftermath of earthquakes and tsunamis leaves lots of hazards in a community. These can expose individuals to toxins and irritants on top of injuries from the original event.

FEMA Tsunami Preparedness Resource Page

This episode is hosted by Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley along with Dr. Joe Holley.

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