Safety and Situational Awareness Practices Down Under

wilderness ems backpacksAnother look at “Safety Third” following a Disaster Podcast Facebook group discussion on the subject. In this case, we check in with podcast community member Lee Caulfield-Marsh, A paramedic based in Queensland Australia. He posed several questions to our docs on the Facebook group and prompted us to put together this episode.

Here’s our previous episode where the topic Safety Third is introduced.

“Safety Third” is a concept first proposed by a collection of EMS Physicians in this JEMS article. The article proposes that traditional EMS training to put scene safety first doesn’t reflect the dangerous nature of a first responder’s job in an emergency setting. In reality, it’s a focus on getting the job done that is first. Read the article for a more in-depth look at the reasoning and explanations.

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On the show this week are co-hosts Sam Bradley, Dr. Joe Holley, disaster weather expert Becky DePodwin,  Christopher Davis, MD, NRP, FAWM,  Sarah Frances McClure, DO, NRP, paramedic Lee Caulfield-Marsh, and Jamie Davis.

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