Legal Disaster Response Issues and MRC Roles in Disaster Response

Law-Book-Gavel-Scales-of-JusticeDisaster Podcast hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and Sam Bradley attended the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) Preparedness Summit recently with the ProMed Network podcast studio. Sam got the chance in this segment to sit down and chat with a group of public health attorneys who educate systems about the legal aspects of disaster response.

Joining Sam on the legal panel are attorneys Vanessa K. Burrows with experience as a HIPAA privacy officer, Tina Batra Hershey, Assistant Professor at University of Pittsburgh Graduate School of Public Health, and Joe Durham, an attorney at the law firm of Eastman and Smith, Ltd.

Second in this episode is another segment from the NACCHO Prep Summit on the Medical Reserve Corps (MRC) role in preparedness and disaster response. Joining Sam are Bobbi Alcock, CNY Medical Reserve Corps Coordinator and Michael Gurnick, Vice Chair of the NACCHO MRC Workgroup. The two of them bring their expertise to this episode of the Disaster Podcast.

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