Maui Fires Aftermath with Dan Zehner from NHERI

Maui-wildfires-brushfire-grass-fire-disasterIn the aftermath of the Maui wildfire disaster that struck the state of Hawaii, Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) comes on the show. Dan shares with us the post-disaster lessons learned by looking at the effect of the fires on community and residential infrastructure. The NHERI researchers look at these events with an eye to seeing where improvements might change outcomes.

At the time of this recording, 115 people had been confirmed dead with many others still unaccounted for by authorities. It may be we’ll never know the real number killed in the devastating fires that spread ahead of hurricane force wind gusts. It has been estimated the fire traveled in places between fifty and eighty miles per hour, leaping from home to home before residents were even aware a fire was coming.

We also talk a little about the earthquake in Morocco that devastated whole communities where older structures were ill-prepared to survive the shaking earth. NHERI and other similar research groups worldwide have been sharing data on the event as it comes in to look at how infrastructure standards affected outcomes for residents and businesses.

This episode is hosted by Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley.

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