Disaster Medical Mission to Ukraine

Ukraine Flag WavingThis week we interview two people involved in organizing a medical mission to help Ukrainian refugees in Poland and across the border in Ukraine itself. Our guests include Dr. Kasia Hampton and Paramedic Tim Conley. Hampton studied medical school in Belgium before moving to the U.S. for her medical training in emergency medicine and pediatric medicine.

She worked in the U.S. Army for five years as a civil service physician before moving to St. Louis in June 2021, where she is now working an EMS fellow with Washington University. Hampton says her own daughter, a third-year medical student living in Poland, is seeing how dire the situation is for Ukrainians fleeing their country across the border.

Our other guest is paramedic Tim Conley. Tim is the president and chief of operations for IDMC (Interstate Disaster Medical Collaborative). He’s also part of several U.S. federal disaster teams in Missouri, including being a member of MO-1 DMAT/DMORT team.

Check out this episode along with Becky DePodwin, Dan DePodwin, and co-hosts Jamie Davis and Sam Bradley.

Paragon Brings “The Experience”

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  1. Patricia Hecht

    Hello–I am a 65 year old registered nurse who is in excellent health and currently working very part-time and I am interested in going to Poland to help out with the Ukrainian refugees. . . .any suggestions of who I can contact? Thanks, Patty Hecht RN, BSN

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