Smoke Inhalation Injuries with Dr. Joe Holley

wildfiresWe add another clinical topic to our podcast episode this week. Dr. Joe Holley joins us to talk about smoke inhalation injuries. He points out that these sorts of injuries increase during the winter months as more people use combustion sources to heat their homes and apartments.

Injuries can be from multiple mechanisms including thermal injuries related to inhaling super-heated gases. In addition to burns, there are also chemicals that, when combined with moist tissues, form irritants or compounds that cause chemical burns, too. Finally, there are general irritants from particles suspended in smoke that can cause injury and irritate the airways.

Providers at all levels should maintain a high level of suspicion and aggressively assess and treat injuries that may be related to inhalation causes. Be prepared to secure the airway with advance measures should an airway burn be suspected.

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