StEER Data from NHERI Reviewed Following Hurricane Laura

NHERI StEER LogoDaniel Zehner from the DesignSafe Radio podcast joins us on the Disaster Podcast this week. Dan talks with us about the important work of NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure). He highlights the report from a recent StEER report that came out following Hurricane Laura.

The Structural Extreme Events Reconnaissance Network puts teams and equipment on the ground prior to disaster events to measure the forces involved in real time and then observes the damage caused after the fact. Dan and the Disaster Podcast team talk about this important data and the information gleaned from it. This information is especially important with Hurricane Delta bearing down on the same stretch of the Gulf Coast struck by Hurricane Laura weeks before.

Dr. Joe Holley and meteorologist Becky DePodwin join the show tonight. Also on the show were co-hosts Sam Bradley, and Jamie Davis.

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Disaster Podcast
Disaster Podcast
Jamie Davis, Sam Bradley, Joe Holley, Kyle Nelson

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