Disaster Information Management and Readiness with Rob Neppell from CEDR Digital Corps

CEDR Digital Corps LogoIn this episode, we have guest Rob Neppell on the show. Rob is the Technology Innovation & Incident Readiness Lead for CEDR Digital Corps. CEDR is a group of over 900 volunteers who have done work involving rescue facilitation initially for Hurricane Irma.

They later moved on to collecting and mapping conditions on the ground for disaster victims, their families on the mainland, government agencies and disaster response organizations on the ground. In addition to mapping, the group added to their work the research and creation of infographics on health and safety information to share via social media and regular broadcasts in Spanish and English.

Follow them on Twitter: https://twitter.com/cedrdigital

or on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/CEDRdigital/

Also on the show, our disaster weather expert, Becky DePodwin, also gives us a tropical weather update on Hurricane Isaias in the Atlantic as it moves towards the U.S. east coast in the coming days. You can keep track of updates at the National Hurricane Center Website at Hurricanes.gov.

Also on the show were co-hosts Sam Bradley, and Jamie Davis, and Dr. Joe Holley.

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Disaster Podcast
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