COVID-19 Update 8 with Dr. Joe Holley

coronavirus imageDisaster Podcast host Jamie Davis touches base again with Dr. Joe Holley for our eighth bonus update on the COVID-19 outbreak kicking off the month of May 2020. Our understanding of the way this virus impacts our patients is still evolving. Watch for more of these updates a one or two times a week on top of our normal episode rotation as Joe has more information to share with us.

Here are the key points Joe covered on this call:

COVID-19 and the New Normal for Health Care:

  • Systems settle into routines for care and staffing
  • Preparations are in place based on lessons learned so far

COVID-19 Young Patient Presentation

  • Younger patients may present with symptoms similar to Kowasaki Disease
  • This is rare response to viral infections in young patients
  • Causes obstructive coronary artery disease due to inflamatory response
  • Diagnosed by recognizing a constellation of symptoms outlined by Dr. Joe in episode

Other presentation in kids

  • Gastroenteritis symptoms including abdominal pain, diarrhea
  • If young patients present with fever and GI symptoms, suspect COVID as possible diagnosis
  • Take precautions with PPE

On the testing front

  • One Florida study tested city sewage for viral RNA present and found levels 4 times what would be expected with diagnosed cases in city.
  • This may indicate far more asymptomatic cases shedding virus via GI tract
  • Some areas testing unresuscitated (DOA) cardiac arrest patients for COVID and finding large number of positive cases

More Updates Soon

Stay tuned for more updates periodically in the coming weeks as Joe reaches out amidst his duties and busy schedule to share his viewpoint on the response with us as he is able.

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