Wilderness, Mountaineering, and Snow Search and Rescue

We revisit the Wilderness EMS textbook for a look at chapters 29 and 30. These are the chapters “Technical Rescue Interface? SAR non Snow” and “Technical Rescue Interface Ski Patrols and Mountaineering Rescue.” To help us on this is the chapter author for the text, Dr. Keith Conover. Dr. Conover has been Chief Medical Officer of the Federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team in Pittsburgh since 2004. He’s also a member of Pennsylvania DMAT1 and Allegheny Mountain Rescue (http://www.amrg.info).

Also on the show were co-host Sam Bradley, Dr. Joe Holley, Dr. Seth Hawkins, and our disaster weather expert Kyle Nelson.

As far as cave rescue:

  • 80% of cave rescue is the same as aboveground wilderness and mountain rescue
  • cave environment is a lot different than the aboveground environment and need to be prepared, physically and mentally
  • radios don’t work underground
  • GPS doesn’t work underground
  • topo maps don’t work underground
  • medical care may be constrained by technical aspects of the rescue: limited access to patient.
  • Disaster Never Sleeps, Neither Do We

The Wilderness EMS textbook is designed for EMS providers and leaders who deliver medical care in the wilderness, and those practicing wilderness medicine as part of a formal team. The textbook is a comprehensive, expertly-written reference ideal for this fast-changing and multidisciplinary specialty.

This first-of-its-kind text provides specialized instruction and best practices for wilderness EMS practitioners and students – crucial information for the success of today’s rescue missions. A strong foundation in evidence-based medicine, clinical experience, and field applicability makes it especially useful for any EMS provider in a wilderness environment.

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Disaster Never Sleeps, Neither Do We

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Disaster Podcast
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