Animal Bites, Stings, Venom, and Poison in WEMS

snake biteDr. Ben Abo joins the Disaster Podcast team to talk about the chapter he authored in the Wilderness EMS textbook on Animal Bites and Stings chapter. He also co-authored the water rescue chapter as well, which we will cover in another episode.

We start off with Ben clarifying the difference between venomous and poisonous animals. Venom is injected while a poison can be inhaled, ingested, absorbed, or injected. When in doubt, treat all unknown animal related poisonings as envenomations.

We also talk about Venom One an international antivenin resource based in Florida that has any antivenin needed and the logistics to transport it anywhere in the world.

Venom One has the only nationally available antivenin bank in the U.S. 786-331-4443 is the direct number to Venom One or through the local poison centers to contact Miami Dade area poison center to connect with them.

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