Messaging on Extreme Heat in Northern Europe

Dan Chapman joins us from the U.K. on this episode. He’s an emergency management planner over there and comes on the show to discuss how they’re handling the messaging around the recent heat emergency they dealt with. Our meteorologists share the weather and climate reasons for the heatwave much of the earth’s northern hemisphere is experiencing over recent weeks. We talk about how messaging the public with alerts is a fine line between providing actionable information and the perception of nagging.

Heatwave Plan for England

Join co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis, along with meteorologists Dan and Becky DePodwin.

Paragon Brings “The Experience”

Paragon Medical Education Group specializes in bringing what they call “The Experience” to jurisdictions around the country. They bring together police, fire, EMS, and hospital teams to train together and learn what to expect from each diverse group in the response team so that each knows what to expect from the other and how to back the other groups up. Visit Paragon’s site at for more information on how this can be brought into your system.

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