Dual Updates This Week on the Disaster Podcast

USAR Teams Working at Surfside, Florida Building Collapse
Photo Credit Dr. Joe Holley

Dr. Joe Holley returns to the podcast with another Surfside, Florida condo collapse update. He was working there as part of the Federal Incident Support Team (IST). He talks about the extremely dangerous nature of this particular rescue effort and the overall wellness of the USAR teams working there and reiterates the extremely difficult technical nature of this rescue and recovery effort.

Meteorologist Dan DePodwin drops in as well for an update on two weather items facing the U.S. First he discusses the continued extreme heat associated with states across the western United States. Then he shifts gears to give an update on the track of Tropical Storm Elsa (formerly a category 1 hurricane).

Also on the show were co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis.

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