The Causes and Physiology of Drowning

water drowning riskDrowning is the topic this week on the Disaster Podcast. We talk about the physiology and common causes of drowning, bringing our frequent guest and dive master Kevin Reiter on the show. Kevin and his wilderness training resources at the Wilderness Safety Institute can be found at

We also look at some of the common misconceptions and misnomers around drowning. Our friend, Dr. Seth Hawkins has numerous articles that can be used as resources to debunk the use of terms like “near drowning” or “dry” and “wet drowning.”

Articles on Drowning

Wilderness Medical Society Practice Guidelines for the Prevention and Treatment of Drowning

Drowning is never dry: Two ER doctors explain the real swimming danger kids face

Drowning in a sea of misinformation: Dry drowning and secondary drowning

Also on the show were Dr. Joe Holley, and co-hosts Sam Bradley, and Jamie Davis.

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