coronavirus imageWe touch base again with Dr. Joe Holley for our seventh bonus update on the COVID-19 outbreak wrapping up the month of April. Our understanding of the way this virus impacts our patients is still evolving. Watch for more of these updates a one or two times a week on top of our normal episode rotation as Joe has more information to share with us.

Here are the key points Joe covered on this call:

COVID-19 Presentation and STEMI:

  • Patients present with STEMI indications
  • Subsequent Cath-Lab shows open coronary arteries
  • International Cardiology Organizations urge no change to STEMI protocols despite some false STEMI presentations due to COVID-19

COVID-19 Young vs Old Patient Presentation

  • Younger patients may present with coagulopathy symptoms (CVA, PE, Cardiac Arrest)
  • Older Patients may more often present with hypoxemia, respiratory symptoms
  • As testing continues to expand more signs and symptoms added to presentation

Testing in Workplace

  • Antibody testing requires medical oversight to provide interpretation of test results
  • Public safety organizations should consult with medical directors carefully about tests
  • Private sector companies seeking guidance on employee testing may want to engage a company medical director or utilize insurance resources for direction

Also on the show with Dr. Joe are co-hosts Sam Bradley and Jamie Davis, and our emergency management and meteorology expert Becky DePodwin.

More Updates Soon

Stay tuned for more updates periodically in the coming weeks as Joe reaches out amidst his duties and busy schedule to share his viewpoint on the response with us as he is able.

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