Dave Grovdahl, EMS Division Head, Onslow County EMS in North Carolina, joins the Disaster Podcast team to talk about his recent presentation findings surrounding his system’s preparations and response to Hurricane’s Florence and Dorian. He shares some of the key things they did to help stage EMS teams for their response during major storms and flooding.

Dave also talks about the wellness physically and mentally of his EMS crews during the multi-day events, as well as the effects the aftermath of the storms weeks and months afterward. Teams experienced stress from being staged together with their teams in close proximity for 5 days or more as well as the stress associated with 11 team members suffering near total structural losses of their homes during Florence while deployed.

In an effort to help spread the word on system and community preparedness and resilience, Dave is willing to chat with leaders in other systems about Onslow County’s planning for storms. Contact Dave by email at David_Grovdahl@OnslowCountyNC.Gov.

On the show this week are Disaster Podcast host, Jamie Davis, who’s joined by Kyle Nelson, our meteorologist, along with co-host Sam Bradley.

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