Heat Injury and Stress Effect on Disaster and Wilderness Rescuers

hot weather in sunny desert sceneA look at heat and hot weather health effects on responders and disaster rescuers. We have Wilderness PA, a.k.a. James Corbin on the show today to talk about preparing for hot weather rescue operations as summer approaches here in the northern hemisphere.

James covers a review of specific needs for crews in hot weather and goes over the process of hot weather acclimatization to help prepare team members for hard and strenuous work in hot weather conditions. We review the physiology of heat injury which Dr. Holley refers to as a continuum rather than the three specific types typically described in textbooks.

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On the show this week are co-hosts Sam Bradley, Dr. Joe Holley, disaster weather expert Kyle Nelson, and Jamie Davis.

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Disaster Podcast
Jamie Davis, Sam Bradley, Joe Holley, Kyle Nelson

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