CPR and Disaster Cardiac Arrest Episode

cardiac arrest resuscitation trainingIn this episode, we talk about some of the unique situations where a patient in cardiac arrest may be viable in disaster settings. Part of this is a look at the amazing research Dr. Joe Holley has been involved with regarding human cadaver-based CPR research. He and his team work to better understand the physiology of cardiac arrest, CPR, and survivable resuscitation.

Joe and the researchers with whom he’s involved will be publishing their most recent work on CPR and cardiac arrest in the Journal Resuscitation coming up in the next few months. Their research looked at human cadaveric models rather than animal models to examine the mechanical aspects of CPR and their effects on neurologically intact survival of cardiac arrest.

Kyle brings in his ski patrol experience to discuss the response to cardiac arrest in the alpine ski environment. Many resorts have a strong medical response team. It is important to have an understanding as a responder of what resources and equipment is available before you make the decision to commit those resources when they might be needed for other responses.

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