Hurricane Harvey Rebuilding and Recovery

hurricane-harvey-flooded-cityIn this episode, we look at the weather remnants of Hurricane Irma and the final tally of flooding and wind damage across the southeastern United States. We then pivot and return to Texas to look at the recovery and rebuilding efforts from Hurricane Harvey.

On the show this week are Kyle Nelson, our disaster weather expert; B.J. Schneider, author, paramedic, and Katrina survivor; and Kevin Reiter from Kevin and B.J. both had experiences to relate regarding the recovery efforts in Texas and Louisiana.

Kevin worked to rebuild critical networking infrastructure in Rockport, Texas as he rewired police, fire department, and other important structures to return internet capabilities to the cities first responders and 911 center. B.J. has been cycling plant safety professionals into east Texas to give local safety experts an opportunity to tend to their personal affairs.

More From Hurricane Harvey & Irma Response

We will be bringing you more special updates from our deployed Disaster Podcast team members as we get them in.

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