Snake Bite Myths with Dr. Ben Abo (part 2)

snake bite awareness
Make sure you check out part one of this episode from last week!
In part two of the episode, we look at what to carry for snake bite during disaster response. Basic wide bandages, duct tape, quick clot bandages and general first aid supplies are what Dr. Ben Abo ([email protected]) carries when traveling to wilderness locations. Dr. Joe Holley and the Tennessee Task Force One USAR Team carry CroFab – the synthetic pit viper antivenin.
For non-indigenous snakes, such as exotic pets that get loose, many systems have to reach out to local and regional zoos to get the necessary venom treatments for exotic snakes. In the Miami region, there are special venom teams such as Venom One. Poison centers around the country can reach out to them and gain access to specialized knowledge and logistical assistance to transport the antivenin for a specific bite. Dr. Ben Abo makes the comment that with Venomous bites, logistics saves lives.
Make sure you check out part one of this episode from last week!

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