Disaster-First-Aid-KitThis week we address a comment from a listener over at the Disaster Podcast site who asked about what we would recommend putting in a disaster responder’s first aid kit. This differs from what you might find recommended for a home disaster kit with first aid supplies.

The listener wrote:

“Every time I start to think about it, the kit gets bigger at first but then gets small again. It seems to me that you could manage most life-threatening conditions with only the following items. Gloves, an n95 mask, a pocket CPR mask or barrier, a commercial tourniquet, a space blanket, a couple 4 X 4’s, and duct tape.”

Joining co-hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic and Sam Bradley on this episode’s discussion are Dr. Joe Holley from Paragon Medical Education Group. Also on the show again is our resident Disaster Meteorologist Kyle Nelson.

Check out this episode and if you have questions, leave them here or on our new disaster podcast Facebook Group.

Paragon Brings “The Experience”

Paragon Medical Education Group specializes in bringing what they call “The Experience” to jurisdictions around the country. They bring together police, fire, EMS, and hospital teams to train together and learn what to expect from each diverse group in the response team so that each knows what to expect from the other and how to back the other groups up. Visit Paragon’s site at ParagonMedicalGroup.com for more information on how this can be brought into your system.


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