Join Disaster Response Teams in Your Region to Deploy for Response

Emergency-Red-Cross-Tent-DisasterThis week’s Disaster Podcast episode is the final segment recorded in our LIVE podcast studio at EMS Today sponsored by Physio-Control, and PennWell. Host Sam Bradley was joined again by our partners from Paragon Medical Education Group with Dr. Joe Holley and paramedic Jim Logan. Also coming back for this segment is California DMAT 6 Deputy Commander Andrew Swartzell.

In this episode the gang talks about how responders can join and train with disaster response units in their region. This is a much better alternative than self-deploying to a disaster region on your own initiative. You gain the necessary training and deploy with the support and resources you need to keep doing your important job when you go in with a dedicated unit.

Again, a special thank-you to Paragon Medical Education Group for their continued support of this podcast as our partners in this endeavor to bring disaster medicine to you. Check out their page and educational resources that can help your system be more prepared for what happens in your area.

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