The Disaster Podcast Kicks Off – An Introduction to the Team

DisasterPodcast_just_logoIn this inaugural episode of the Disaster Podcast, we bring you a look at the hosts and the rest of the team that will bring you this show each week. In the mix this week are hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic. He’s the long time host of the MedicCast and Nursing Show podcasts and as a nurse and paramedic, he’ll bring a unique outlook from both the hospital and pre-hospital disaster response.

Joining him as co-host is paramedic and long time disaster responder Sam Bradley. Sam has been responding as part of regional and federal response teams for many years and will bring her experience to bear on our topics each week. Check out Sam here and over on her pages on Twitter and Facebook.

paragon-logo--megAlso, joining Jamie and Sam for this episode of the Disaster Podcast are Dr. Joe Holley and paramedic Jim Logan from our partners on this show, Paragon Medical Education Group. They have a unique outlook on how preparedness education should be organized and they bring that outlook to how we’ll educate you on our topics each week.

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Make sure you check out their full realm of amazing educational resources and classes at Bring them in to educate your team and be prepared for your next major event.

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