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  • Life and Preparedness as a Digital Nomad with Kevin Reiter

    Frequent guest and friend of the Disaster Podcast, Kevin Writer, comes on the show to talk about his next adventure. He will be going on the road as a digital nomad. He'll be journaling his travels at the website -

  • Hurricane Season Predictions on the Disaster Podcast

    We take a look at the upcoming predictions for the 2021 Atlantic Hurricane Season this week on the Disaster Podcast. Our meteorologists come on the show to discuss recent severe weather events and then touch on predictions and the methods used to make these long-range forecasts.

  • Prolonged Advanced Medical Care in Disaster and Military Settings

    This week on the show we look at how new medical technologies might reach into the field including during disaster deployments. Critical care paramedics L.J. Relle and Cecil Fairchild come on the show to talk about how medical devices usually only seen in the hospital setting are moving into the street on EMS units to improve patient diagnostics and care.

  • Extreme Weather, Tornadoes, and USAR Team Response

    On this episode we discuss the recent extreme weather and tornado activity occurring across the US South and Southeast. Meteorologists Becky and Dan DePodwin join us to talk about the weather causes leading to these powerful tornadoes and what we can expect in the coming months as the extreme weather continues.

  • Medics to Flight Surgeons, 3 Docs Share About A Unique Career Path

    In this episode, we bring on three former paramedics who all went on to be come not just physicians, but ER docs and military flight surgeons. Joining the podcast were Drs. Michael E. Wolf, M.D., M.S., Scott Kunkel, DO, NRP, FAAEM, and Dr. and active duty Captain Alan T. Flanigan.

  • Stress Injury in Healthcare Workers During COVID-19 Pandemic

    Dan Maguire from CISM Perspectives comes on this weeks Disaster Podcast to talk about the issues faced by responders and healthcare workers amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They face stress from line of duty deaths from the disease as well as the stress injury associated from the extreme measures taken to protect themselves while treating COVID patients.

  • NHERI at Five Years and Counting for Disaster Resilience

    Dan Zehner from NHERI (Natural Hazards Engineering Research Infrastructure) comes on the show to talk about some of the great things accomplished over NHERI's first five years. We discuss the various NHERI institutions around the country which specialize in specific disaster mitigation and research efforts.

  • Disasterology Author Dr. Samantha Montano on Climate Change Mitigation

    We invited Dr. Samantha Montano, a climate and emergency management expert and author of the book, Disasterology, on the show. Her educational background includes a B.S. in Psychology from Loyola University New Orleans and an M.S. and Ph.D. in Emergency Management from North Dakota State University. She is currently an assistant professor of emergency management at Massachusetts Maritime Academy.

  • Back Country Avalanche Management and Safety with Kyle Nelson

    Meteorologist, Emergency Dispatcher, and Ski Patrol Member, Kyle Nelson, joins us to discuss Avalanches and risk management associated with them. He also touches on his work with the Winter X-Games in Aspen, Colorado this year and how they managed to stage the events amidst the COVID pandemic.

  • Mental Health Resilience in the Face of PTSD and other Stress Injury

    Dr. Norman Itkowitz, PhD joins us to discuss mental health resilience among first responders. Norman himself was a disaster survivor as a resident of New Orleans during and after Hurricane Katrina struck the city. He talks about how dealing with that event helped him in his practice talking to police and fire departments about stress injury disorders and how to deal with them.

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