coronavirus imageWe touch base with Dr. Joe Holley for a look at the COVID-19 patient presentation signs and symptoms. We will cover more of these updates as Joe has more information to share with us.

Here are the key points Joe covered on this brief call:

General COVID-19 Presentation and Diagnosis:

  • Increased frequency of positives in the 14 – 18 year old group. They can be significant vectors.
  • Also noticeable positives in religious leaders. This makes sense as they need to be social but they can also be high risk vectors.

For First Responders and Hospital Personnel:

Symptoms for the virus are still vague but they’re finding some commonalities in initial symptoms:

  • Intense Lethargy
  • Diarrhea
  • Mild hypoxia – It’s a good idea to check pulse ox on any suspect patients
  • Chest X-rays may not be as effective diagnostically as CT Scans

There are increased STEMI activations in the field related to COVID-19

  • A COVID patient may experience chest pain or CHF symptoms.
  • There may also be EKG changes but no occlusion will be found.
  • There may be cardiomyopathy or abnormalities in heart wall movement.

PPE Availability:

  • PPE is being found online or locally in places besides the usual medical equipment suppliers. For additional supplies, try tattoo parlors, paint stores, or industrial suppliers.
  • There are masks from China coming in called KN95’s. They are safe, NIOSH approved and the same as an N95.

Stay tuned for more updates periodically in the coming weeks as Joe reaches out amidst his duties and busy schedule to share his viewpoint on the response with us as he is able.

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