From the daily archives: "Thursday, January 14, 2016"

In this week’s episode hosts Jamie Davis, the Podmedic, and Sam Bradley got the chance to interview EMS author B.J. Schneider over Skype to find out more about his book, “Welcome to New Orleans: How Many Shots Did You Hear?”

B.J. Schneider BookIn this emotional collection of short stories, B.J. Schneider recounts one hundred of the most remarkable events in his career. You will take a ride with him and his partners experiencing the highs of life saving action, the lows of losing friends on the job as well some of the most hilarious moments experienced by the men and women in EMS. Be there for major events such as Hurricane Katrina and Andrew. I don’t think you’ll be disappointed in this one, folks!


How Many Shots Did You Hear? Book On


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